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What is it with me and comments?

I feel like I have all sorts of substantive things to say about the issues of the day, but looking over the comments I’ve posted to other blogs recently, it seems like I rarely bother unless it’s to post something pedantic about other people’s pedantry.

The inability of most native speakers to correctly write the English language depresses me (and makes my job harder because I have to find a way to adjust my machine translation grammar parser to accomodate the mistakes) but I feel like I could deal with all the misplaced apostrophe’s[sic] and mispelings[sic] if it weren’t for the pedants who go on about nonsense like split infinitives and sentence ending prepositions and which vs. that.

Of all the offensive things out there begging for comments, why is it this that moves me?
(Though I gotta say I felt validated when blogospheric superhero and uberbabe Belle reacted the same way to the “whomever” business.)

Militantly anti-pedant pedantry, that’s what the world desperately needs today.

What do you call a partner nowadays?

While writing the last post I found myself wanting to refer to my partner, “the Stinger”, but stopped myself because it feels like the word “partner” has been corrupted to the point where most people reading would assume that I meant my “lover”.

I’m all in favor of the concept of marriage and other loving relationships evolving with the times, but since some people have appropriated this word for that purpose, I no longer have a way to refer to the guy who’s the Billy the Kid to my Captain America, the Yoshitsune to my Benkei, the Chewbacca to my Han Solo.

Has the word “partner” gone the way of “arousal”, “explicit”, and “intercourse”?