Half-day Golden Week Touring

I generally try to avoid the roads during Japan’s Golden Week holiday, because the road congestion tends to be insane, but the cats woke me up at 4:30, so I thought maybe I could beat the traffic by getting an early start. Even at 5am, though, the expressway was pretty crowded, but once I got into the mountains I had the roads to myself.

I had no real plan for the ride, but Fuji was calling me, so I randomly picked roads that took me closer and closer.

I had always meant to visit Shiraito no Taki (literally “White Thread Falls”, but had never had the time to stop, so I took this opportunity to play with long exposures and other photo geekery.

The hike up to the observation platform was definitely worth it.

It was still only 9am when I finished with the waterfalls, so I decided to ride all the way around Fuji, picking roads as the whim took me, and stopping here and there to admire the mountain.  (I didn’t see any other Harleys with tripods strapped to their saddle bags, though.)

I decided to swing around Lake Kawaguchi, and was rewarded by running into a group of Mario Karts racing around the lake.

I finished my loop around Fuji, enjoying all sides of the mountain, and still made it home by lunchtime, managing to avoid the worst of the ridiculous traffic. In all, not a bad morning.

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