Above the clouds

I had always meant to join the lads from the Gaijin Riders forum on one of their jaunts (and I should stress again that anyone visiting this site looking for actually useful information about riding in Japan should look these guys up).  But somehow timing never seems to work out. On this day particular day, however, my calendar was surprisingly open, so I joined one of their pilgrimages to  the legendary South Cafe in Shimoda for lunch.

The fog on the Oda-Atsu expressway was thick and annoying, but once I got to the top of Hakone Pass it became clear that this fog was part of a gorgeous blanket of clouds over the Pacific.


I met up with the boys at the Mazda Turnpike Lounge, and found that Ashinoko Lake also had a cloud carpet (and the mountain looked amazing too).

South Cafe, bikers’ Mecca

As this was the manly month of Movember, I also had to get a mustache-themed shot.