Ten Bikers, Two Bikes

A bunch of my biker friends got together for camping, but Sano-san’s panhead is being overhauled, Go and Kazu couldn’t get their bikes out because their condo complex is being refurbished, Nobu had to bring her kids, and Owen and Yuco had to bring the dogs, so only three out of ten of us came by bike.

The mountain cherries are still blooming. I love the pink-dapple

And then the kickstarter on Noji-kun’s bike nearly fell off less than a kilometer from the first meetup, so he called his brother in law and ended up driving his bike to the campsite on the back of a mini truck.

Noji-kun and his bike made it after all! 結局ノジ君もバ

Noji-kun explains how it happened  事情説明

The culprit  犯人はこれだ。

My bike wasn’t exactly on its best behavior either. The engine was purring beautifully and pulling me around those mountain curves with confident power, but the electrical system is showing its age; I needed a jump at half the stops we made. (That’s when it comes in handy to have friends in cars for support.)ジャンプ3回、押し掛け2回していただいた。

We had to jump-start my bike three times and push-start it twice


Two other bikers who happened to be at the same campground were on KZ1000s, one of them with the same rare reverse-imported model Stinger rides (too bad it wasn’t with him this time).

Two z1000 riders were camping nearby, so the other Kawasaki ride



Masakatsu helps take the dogs for a walk



We weren't sure we could get my bike started again if we stopped

But Izu in the spring is fantastic, and those roads are soul-healing, even with only two of us on two wheels.