That’s my girl!

Last Saturday, I had to drop my youngest, Mai, off at her swimming class, but my wife somehow managed to lose the car keys, so I had to take her there on the back of my bike.

Apparently, she had fun even just riding through the neighborhood, because she insisted that we take a real ride on Sunday. It’s still a little cold, but I can’t refuse a request like that.
Mai has never shown any interest in bikes until now, even when her older sister Lin and I come back from a ride with happy stories. Now they’ll have to argue over who gets to go.
Thanks for losing the keys, Yuri!
Father and daughter on a bike jaunt

2 thoughts on “That’s my girl!”

  1. Hi Ben, my name is Ivan I came from Switzerland and this April I’m going to come to japan, first time ever.
    I myself a Harley Davidson Biker, I ride a Rocker C 2008, I know some of my friends they say is not a real Harley but that is my babe and she is a beauty, any way.
    Is there any change to rent a Harley and travel around with you guys, do you do that kind of staff ?
    I will be in Fukuoka from the 31 march14 till 25 April 2014.
    Hope to have some interesting news from you.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Ivan,
    I think the Rocker C is a beautiful extension of the venerable Softail tradition, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    We really don’t do that sort of thing, though. You should probably try forums like or The guys on those boards have lots of useful information and you may find riders in Fukuoka who can show you around. Good luck!

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