Doshi no Mori Camp Touring

Lin is really getting good at the pillion photographer gig.

We took a trip up to a place nestled in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture called Doshi no Mori. We adult bikers had the usual great times talking and drinking and BBQing, while the kids explored in the woods and collected tadpoles and such.

My girls made friends with some other kids at the campground, and everybody wanted to take cool pictures on the bikes.

The camp lanterns made for some amazing lighting for some spectacular shots.

Riding into the night on Noji-kun’s Z2.

The next morning, the kids still wanted to take more pictures.
(By the way, if anyone reading this knows Himari-chan or Ebe-chan [Elizabeth], I’d like to get in touch with their parents, so please drop me an email.)

Bikes and frisbee fun under the late spring greenery are a good way to start the morning.

But then it was time to hit the road. Road cameraman Lin got more great shots from the back of my bike, including this self portrait.

Woochee driving the support van (with me reflected in the door).

It’s rainy season, but we managed to get nice weather both days, and it felt great to be on the road.

I’m really enjoying sharing these experiences with Lin, and she seems to be having a wonderful time too.

Doshi no Mori Camp Touring

3 thoughts on “Doshi no Mori Camp Touring”

  1. Nice pictures!!!Thank u for updating nice pic of our girls(ebe-chan and himari-chan).she said she had good time with ur girls and was nice to be taken pics on cool bikes!! It was nice to see u all!! hope to see u again:)

  2. こんにちは、Himariの父です。

  3. elizabeth’s momさん、 Akagiさん、コメントありがとうございます!




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