Biker Reflections: my weekend reflected in motorcycle tanks

Stinger’s back, Mt. Fuji, and yours truly with the camera, all reflected in the obsidian mirror of my gas tank

I just got back from another great run around the Izu peninsula, including camping, revelry with good friends, and some of the most spectacular roads in the country. The weather was so beautiful that I found my eyes drawn to the clear blue skies reflected in my tank as I was riding, and it inspired me to explore a new theme with the photos for this trip. (I also got a bunch of great standard touring shots, although many of those also feature reflections.)

Early morning at the campsite, Shu-chan and YOS’s shovelheads can be seen yearning to head out under those blue skies.

YOS’ bike and mine against the old school glory of Shu-chan’s FXS tank

Verdant mountains and azure sky in the more traditional mirror of Stinger’s z1000
(In this one, you can see why I don’t have any reflection photos using the tank of YOS’s FL.)

Stinger’s z1000 and some weird amateur photographer in my Softail’s tank

On the Izu Skyline, Mt. Fuji and my bike seen in Stinger’s z1000 tank
(It’s nice to have a non-Harley logo included in this set.)

Self portrait with Fuji over my shoulder
It’s hidden behind the camera, but there’s a smile of pure happiness on my face—and it hasn’t left it since.

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