Ride when you can

BW bikes at Yabitsu Pass

As I get older, my life keeps getting better in all sorts of ways, but I often miss the spontaneous rides I used to be able to take whenever the mood hit me. With a happy family life, busy social life, and a more successful career, riding has to be planned in advance like anything else.

So it was a really refreshing change of pace to wake up Saturday to a tweet from Go, one of the biker buddies I used to ride off with whenever the wind called to us, saying he had a rare free day and wanted to ride. (Go is one of the busiest people I know, lucky to get a day or two off in a month, and so busy that his twitter feed is all I ever see of him nowadays.) I had things to take care of in the morning, and plans for the evening, but my schedule for the whole afternoon was miraculously open!

I jumped on the bike and headed toward the nearest mountains with no real plan, just like in the old days, and met up with Go at the foot of Yabitsu Pass.

It was cold, with the susuki grass under the clear blue skies showing the transition from autumn to winter, but the air was fresh and the mountain roads were just what my spirit needed.

Sometimes the best rides are the ones you don’t plan, where you can just enjoy the roads and the sky and good conversation with old friends.
(But next time I’d like to do it when it’s a little warmer.)