6 thoughts on “Hirayu Touring 2007”

  1. OMG that’s so amazing! I never even thought of bikeing around Japan but now hell yea!! I have been to Takayama as well, what an awesome place!

  2. Im back already XD I didn’t find your email, so I’ll write here =D I just finsihed uni and now I want to go teach in Japan. Is there any other occupation you would recommend I do? (That will enable me to travel around, instead of being locked in one place)? My Japanese speaking skills are not that great.

  3. One more question. In photos in general, I never really see uni-age young bikers. Do they go on long trips, or is it mostly 30s and over who go on long trips?

  4. Akissa,

    The default for new unskilled gaijin is teaching English conversation, and just about everyone goes through it at first, kind of like a rite of initiation. I don’t know of any jobs that offer freedom of movement until your Japanese skills are up to speed.

    There are lots of young riders out on the roads, especially on offroad bikes. They tend to be on the strictest budgets and don’t take as many pictures, but they’re definitely out there. In Hokkaido in the summer I think you could even say that university kids are the majority in the rider houses.

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