The Stinger Garage in Action Episode II: Attack of the Chromes

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the silly title)

Anyway, hot on the heels of my installation of the Dynojet Thunderslide last week, I decided to change mufflers. I guess I still haven’t quite shaken the customization bug. Well, after all, I have been riding with essentially the same pipes for nearly ten years now. Time for a change. “Without change, something in us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.”

After deliberating for a while, I decided on the Python staggered dual pipes and promptly paced an order for them. They arrived much sooner than I expected, came with everything needed for installation, and I completed the job in about an hour.

The Python staggered dual pipes retain the two into two look, but come equipped with a hidden cross over chamber, similar to the power chamber on the Vance & Hines Big Shots. I couldn’t wait to hear what they sound like on my hog!

The first task was to remove the existing pipes. Despite the awkward placement of some of the flange bolts, this task went off much easier than expected.

The next step was to place the heat shields on the pipes and fix the heat shield clamps in place. Then came the mounting plate.

The Python staggered duals reuse the stock flanges and clips. So I removed these from the stock pipes and placed them on the Pythons.

Then came the final step in the installation process, putting the pipes on the bike. This too was much easier than I expected it to be. Everything fit in place pretty easily.

After that, all that was left was a test ride. Upon firing up the engine, my ears were in for a treat! The pipes spit out a wonderful deep throaty rumble, with just that touch of metallic reverb that I had hoped for.

Taking it for a spin around the block, it could be my imagination, but there seemed be a slight flat spot in low range power that wasn’t there before. Could be just my brain playing tricks on me. Just the same, I might consider going up another size on the pilot jet. Still, the pipes are supposed to be engineered for increased performance “throughout the entire rpm range,” and the true test will be a highway trial run. Might just do that tomorrow during my lunch break!

Can’t complain, though. The Pythons look totally bad-ass, and sound even better. Color me a happy biker!

13 thoughts on “The Stinger Garage in Action Episode II: Attack of the Chromes”

  1. Yep, you weren’t imagineing it. The crossover on those are really more made for wide open throttle and on the low side don’t really help the motor to scavange much like running stock drag pipes. The harley designed crossover works on the venturi principle to create a vacuum effect on the pipe that is getting the exhaust pulse injected into it creating a higher exhaust velocity thus pulling out more than normally would come out on it’s own.

  2. Rich,
    Thanks for the comments. I’m considering installing a set of torque cones, also a slightly quieter set of baffles since the pythons are a bit louder (even with the stock python baffles) than I expected. Do yout think this will help with the low-end power?

  3. Well… torque cones are a waste of money but otherwise, I think you might gain some of it back with new baffles. As for baffles, to get some power back I would use Thunder Monsters but then again it’ll still be loud but now with adding to the ‘Bark’ because it is a venturi baffle.

  4. Rich,

    Thanks for the advice. I just checked out the Thunder Monsters website. They sound like a fantastic piece of engineering. Not too expensive either. Might just pick up a pair.

  5. Rich, not only do you know so much, you have one of those Kutty Noteboom tee shirts that I lust after!

  6. Well Dean, get on the web site and order one and Kutty’s wife Jamie will send you a gen-u-ine shirt pronto.

  7. Jeff, Later I need to schedule a ride(since I inherited the job of Road Captain) down into your neck of the woods later this summer. Or you could ride up and meet us in Andong or Jirisan… or wherever.

  8. Hey! Seriously broke. Can’t even afford a measly tee shirt. Maybe in a month or two, when the credit card settles down.

  9. Trying to contact just about anyone I find on this matter…and since you happened to be working on exhaust…my wife and I are going to Misawa AB later this year and want to bring our bikes. I have a 04 Softail Standard and she a 05 Honda Rebel (first bike). How difficult is it to pass Japanese brake/emission tests? Expensive? I have a carb with SE stage I and V/H Straight Shots. Brakes are stock. Any info would help. Thanks, we can’t wait to get there and start riding!

  10. William,

    Passing the brake test should be no problem. However, since your HD is relatively new, it will have to be emissions tested as well (bikers from 1999 or earlier are not subject to emissions tests). You will probably need to replace the stock mufflers to pass.

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