Biker Blood is a Dominant Gene

After Lin’s biker debut a few weeks ago, one of my older biker friends warned me that I’d never have a chance to ride alone again, and he was right. Every single day I’ve had off since then, from the moment she wakes up, it’s “when can we get on the bike, Daddy?”

It’s still too cold to go for any long rides, so over the past few weekends I’ve been racking my brains to come up with places to go nearby, mostly just running errands or visiting biker friends in the neighborhood, but she seems to be enjoying every minute of it.

“Go faster Daddy!”

“Pass that truck!”


“Bikes are the best!”

Yup, she’s got the same disease Mommy and Daddy have: Biker blood.
When we went over to Go and Kazu’s house, she made them promise to ride somewhere far away with us once it gets warmer, and she’s bragging to everyone how she’s going to get her own bike when she gets bigger.

Stinger’s wife Yuka took this shot of us near the site of their new house, which I’ve been using as a nearby riding destination. (I then played around with some image manipulation techniques to make the image at the top of the post.) The new Stinger garage is likely to become a local biker hangout, where Lin can be further indoctrinated as she gets older.

But it looks like she’s not going to need the bad influence of adults—she’s already pretty far gone. Today after helping me wash my bike, she convinced her neighborhood playmates to jump on my bike together to play biker. Not bad for a four-year old.

And it looks like Mai, who just had her first birthday in January, won’t be too far behind. After all, it’s in the blood.

5 thoughts on “Biker Blood is a Dominant Gene”

  1. HAHAHA! Ben, you’ve created a monster but nothing could be better than riding with your baby before she grows up. I can only hope when Linda and I have kids they love it as much as we do too.

  2. One of my fondest memories as a child was going for rides with my Dad on his 70cc Honda (goes as far back as when we were barely ver a year, only we’d ride very slowly around our cul de sac between Dad and the gas tank). Granted, Lin gets to ride on a much more powerful chariot, but it’s all about the exhileration, right? I know I got that on the little “lawn mower” Honda, which I then went on to ride myself (albeit briefly) at 15 & 16.

  3. cute kids and incredibly cute pics – I found this site looking for totoro images and ended up reading loads. Keep it up guys!

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