Around noon Saturday I got a message from my buddy Kusshi inviting me to join his friends for a Naitsū along Tokyo Bay. Naitsū is a combination of the English words “night” and “touring”. I like these night runs because they allow me to spend the whole day being a good Daddy, put the kids to bed, and then head out on the highway. And for a white white white boy like me, it’s also nice to be able to ride without slopping on sunscreen every few minutes. We met up in a park and headed out through the muggy Yokoyama night air towards Tokyo Bay.

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Matsumoto Camp 2006 (English)

my bike at Utsukushigahara
This weekend I rode out to Matsumoto Camp, a rally run by the Heaven & Hell MC in Matsumoto, Nagano. Last year this rally inspired me to write a post about bikers and brotherhood, and the feeling was the same this year.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go due to my recent career change, but the timing of the new job worked out just right, so on my second morning of unemployment, I headed out into the mountains for some fun.
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Matsumoto Camp 2006 (Japanese)

Heaven & Hell's Matsumoto Camp
[An English version of this touring report can be found here.]
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