End of an Era

My bike in the Fujitsu parking lot
This was a sad day for me. I’ve been riding my bike to work almost every day for the last decade, and today that all ended.

I’m moving on in my career, and that means all sorts of good things for my family and my life in general, but commuting by bike was one of my daily pleasures and I’m really going to miss it. Wearing a suit and tie and riding a packed train is going to drain me even more than it drains most people because I know it doesn’t have to be like that. The train ride is a part of a hard day’s work, but when commuting by bike, the workday is over the moment I swing my leg over the seat. Then it’s my time—just me and the machine and the wind, a daily dose of freedom.

My bike really isn’t designed for a rush-hour commute in to the heart of Tokyo, and the new parking laws and the recent spike in bike thefts makes me worry about leaving my bike anywhere downtown. Up till now, my commute has been skirting the outside boundaries of Tokyo rather than fighting a million other commuters trying to get downtown at the same time, and I was able to safely park my bike within Fujitsu’s walled and guarded compound. Now that is all in the past.

With a baby in the house, I haven’t been able to do much touring this year, but until today I still got to experience the joy of riding every day. I’m not sure how I’ll handle the stress of a new job without that daily adrenaline fix.

The positive side of it is that I’ll be working with my co-blogger Stinger, so we can spend the day talking about biker stuff even if we can’t ride as often.