Neighborly vidcap
I wasn’t sure I wanted to upload this video of a Japanese TV show I was featured on, because while there are some great shots of my bike and Stinger’s riding along the Shōnan coast, the voiceover makes me sound like an illiterate twit. Still, the reasons I sound like an idiot say some interesting things about how TV shows are filmed in Japan, so I figure I can make a post out of excuses for my goofy babbling. Continue reading Neighborly

More bad helmet arguments

I guess it was inevitable that the Big Ben accident would bring out the standard bad arguments, but I was really disappointed to see the typical closed-mindedness coming from Kevin Vranes, who does great work on environmental issues and should know better. His experience with corporations trying to deny their environmental impact should have taught him that any statistics found in corporate press reports are mercilessly twisted to suit the bottom lines of those corporations, yet he creduously quotes from the old discredited Hurt report. |inline

Big Ben in motorcycle crash!

I woke up this morning with some pain and stiffness in my neck. Then I checked Riding Sun and found out why. Pittsburgh? I know I had a few beers last night, but I think I would have remembered the plane ride.

So now my access stats are filled with Google hits for “Big Ben motorcycle” and “Big Ben helmet” and the like. At least as of this morning, I’m still ranked higher than that Johnny-come-lately in the NFL. After all, I was Big Ben long before he was, and I’m taller, damn it!

More details about that other guy’s accident at the Kneeslider. I don’t like helmet laws, but a ‘busa in city traffic without a helmet ain’t too smart. Still, it looks like the accident was yet another example of an inattentive cager turning across traffic, so I feel sorry for the guy.

Um, for the record, I’m fine, and my bike isn’t even scratched.