15 thoughts on “Impressive. Most impressive.”

  1. The Twin Ion Engine probably doesn’t pass California emissions standards, but the machine is, disturbingly, an actual licensed Lucasfilm product. Even more disturbingly, it’s part of a series.

  2. I saw one in a toy store some weeks back, and wanted to get one. Snark Jr #1 was bugging me for some Hot Wheels, Snark Jr #2 was grabbing soft toys off the shelf, and Mrs Snark was giving me the evil eye, so I didn’t get it.

    Now, I have to.

  3. おぉ~タイトルに誘われて見に来たけど…

  4. オレも喋るダースベーダーが欲しい!

  5. Did anyone bother to pick up those damn power converters I ordered?

    I think Big Ben Kenobi’s bike is probably safe since although it may have a thermal exhaust port (two in fact), they’re far from small.

    I can give you two thousand now and another fifteen when you get me that alternator-raan (kind of a reach?)

    “But it’s a whole nuther (sic) year!”
    – Luke (ANH)

  6. Snark,
    I was hoping this would go on longer, but I’m not so strong in the ways of the pun, and I ran out of funny pretty quick. It’s also kind of disheartening to know that no matter how good a pun I might come up with to try to top Darth GB’s, he will just come back with another pun more powerful than I can possibly imagine.

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