Wedding Parade on Google Video
I finally got a chance to upload a clip from the DVD of the Stinger’s wedding parade through Tokyo. This is a montage of the Hawaii wedding, the Tokyo Harley parade, and the Tokyo reception, professionally edited by our friends from Moment Factory.

Stinger, Yuka, and the parade bikes look amazing, and even I end up looking pretty damn cool, if I do say so my damn self. Don’t be fooled by the crappy thumbnail. This is a must-see for anyone thinking of getting married soon, or just for people who like bikes.

Gaijin Bikers: The Adventure Begins

Bikers talk a lot about why we love to ride, but the many different reasons we started riding in the first place can be fun to talk about as well. Bikers, like superheroes, all have their own origin stories, so here is the story of how a couple of mild-mannered Japan Studies geeks became the world famous (allowing for a wide interpretation of the words “world” and “famous”) Gaijin Bikers in Japan.

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