The Stinger’s 7 X 7

At last a reason to blog! This is my first ever blog entry so bear with me. My answers to this 7X7 meme will likely be pretty boring, but for what it’s worth:

I. Seven things to do before I die:
(1) Get washboard abs. I came close about two years ago. I just love beer too much.
(2) Tour all of historic Route 66 by motorcycle
(3) Learn to play the guitar, mandolin, and blues harp for real
(4) Write a novel and get it published
(5) Pay off my mortgage (hopefully by the time I’m 50)
(6) Learn to surf
(7) Bench 130 kg

II. Seven things I cannot do:
(1) Drink happoshu
(2) Go more than a month without watching Doctor Who
(3) Trust Mercedes-Benz and BMW drivers
(4) Do the splits (as in spreading my legs 180 degrees)
(5) Figure out the delivery amount on a long-term interest-bearing bond with a face value of 1 million yen and a unit price of 102 yen (sorry, inside joke)
(6) Dunk
(7) Surf

III. Seven things that attract me to blogging:
Sorry. First time blogger. Not qualified for this question.

IV. Seven things I say most often:
(1) “Jesus Christ!”
(2) “Absolutely”
(3) “しゃ~!“(”Shaaa!) after downing a pint
(4) “Oh yeah!”
(5) ”ええ感じや!“ (“all right!”)
(6) In my opinion…
(7) まいど!(”Hi!”)

V. Seven books that I love:
Not necessarily great books, just books I like a lot:
(1) Under the Lake by Stuart Woods
(2) Palindrome by Stuart Woods
(3) Nobel House by James Clavell
(4) Anything by H.P. Lovecraft
(5) Almost anything by Michael Crichton
(6) Pelican Brief by John Grisham
(7) Shogun by James Clavell (Although I haven’t read this since I was 16. I may find it cringe inducing now. For better or worse, this is the book that got me into Japan in the first place)

VI. Seven movies that I watch over and over again:
(1) Star Wars
(2) Mad Max
(3) In the Heat of the Night
(4) Any Doctor Who
(5) Aliens
(6) Twin Peaks
(7) Bladerunner

VII. Seven people to whom I pass the meme:
Sorry, no passing by me.

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