I have been tagged, or, more accurately, cursed with the 7×7 meme.
Since my answers are exceptionally dull, I’m putting them below the fold.

I. Seven things to do before I die:
(1) Tour America’s National Parks by motorcycle
(2) Tour Norway by motorcyle
(3) Tour New Zealand by motorcycle
(4) Dunk during an actual game, rather than just during the pregame warmup
(5) Get washboard abs, if only to be able to say that I once had washboard abs
(6) Raise my daughters to be the sort of people who make a positive difference in the world
(7) Convince as many people as possible that “meme” doesn’t just mean “something passed around the Internet” and can actually represent a really useful concept.

II. Seven things I cannot do:
(1) Shop at a normal clothing store
(2) Drive a normal-sized car
(3) Get on a train without ducking
(4) Stop talking about my size
(5) Breathe through my nose during March or April
(6) Get a suntan
(7) Control the volume of my voice after a few drinks

III. Seven things that attract me to blogging:

I’m clearly not drawn to blogging enough to actually blog, so I’m not really qualified to answer this question.

IV. Seven things I say most often:
(1) Oh Yeah!
(2) 人生は楽しくなきゃ! (Life’s gotta be fun!)
(3) あぁ、幸せ。(Life is good.)
(4) 美味い! (Delicious!)
(5) いいね! (Cool!)
(6) Yeah, but don’t you think…
(7) Of course, but…

V. Seven books that I love:
Not necessarily great books, just books I like a lot:
(1) Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein
(2) The Scar by China Mieville
(3) Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
(4) Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (Card is a pompous bigot, but I still like his books.)
(5) Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
(6) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
(7) Shogun by James Clavell (This was my favorite bok when I was 15, mostly good for humor value now.)

VI. Seven movies that I watch over and over again:

By choice:
(1) Lord of the Rings
(2) Star Wars (all but Episode I)

With my 3-year-old daughter, but I don’t mind as much as the other stuff she makes me watch:
(3) Spirited Away
(4) My Neighbor Totoro
(5) Kiki’s Delivery Service
(6) Finding Nemo
(7) Alladin

VII. Seven people to whom I pass the meme:
I’m going to cop out by quoting PZ’s answer to this one:

You know, if everyone has to name seven new people with each generation of this meme, there are going to be 5,764,801 articles on this subject after just 8 generations. I think it is my obligation to stop the proliferation now.

I’d like to hear the Stinger‘s answer, though.

2 thoughts on “7×7”

  1. Man, I dunk during games all the time — NBA finals, March Madness, whatever. The trick is to have one of those little TV snack tables and a mug big enough to get the whole donut in there.

  2. Showoff!

    I’m lucky if I can get my Oreo near the milk, and that’s before the excitement of the main event (and that’s not a euphemism).

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