I commute to work by motorcyle year-round except under really extreme circumstances.
(Extreme circustances being defined as:

    a. bike in the shop
    b. typhoon
    c. snow
    d. plans to get drunk after work
    e. I don’t really feel like it that day.)

I remember reading a wise biker somewhere say that when you commute by train or car or bus, the workday ends when you get to your front door, but when you’re commuting by bike, the workday ends the moment you thumb the starter. This, the freedom and thrill I get to experience twice a day as part of my daily routine, even more than the convenience or the gas savings, is the real reason I commute by motorcycle. (Although the reasons GB lists at Riding Sun can’t be ignored.)

That said, it’s getting damn cold. Recently it takes a good while after arriving at work for my fingers to thaw out enough to type. The freedom of the road is diminished a bit by the restrictiveness of many layers of winter clothes, and the sweet music of the V-twin engine is partially drowned out by the chattering of my teeth.

Still, between a freezing ride on a bike and a jam-packed sweaty train ride, the choice is an easy one.

5 thoughts on “Brrr.”

  1. The numb finger thing is really my own damn fault, because I’m stubbornly still using my spring-autumn gloves. I’ve got a good thinsulate set, but I hate using bulky gloves so much that every year I put off the switch as long as humanly possible.

    The main reason that I was inspired to write this post today was my realization this morning that I can’t reasonably put off that switch much longer.

  2. And the choice between being traffic-jammed in a car, and my bike is also easily made! There’s no need to have a freezing ride, I’ve never had one. Well, okay, I’ll admit: I had one, being as stubborn as you wearing my thin gloves…
    For me, it’s trying to put off the switch wearing my full winter outfit. As a woman I look like the ‘Michelin Man’ in this, and I do not like it. But, it’s always better to look like this if you take the alternatives (as you mentioned them) into account.
    Love, ‘Motormuizin’ from The Netherlands.

  3. I gonna have to do some massive toning up before Spring comes. With all the fat I’ve managed to accumulate I may not not need winter wear! (laugter and tears) Not that I have the option of commuting by motorcycle most of the time. Sigh.

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