How far would you go for good noodles?

This weekend was the CLUB SPLENDOR Kitakata Ramen Touring & Camp. Kitakata is a town in the middle of nowhere in northern Japan that’s famous for its ramen noodles. It’s about 4 hours from Tokyo and has lots of great uncrowded roads on the way. The guys in the club I ride with have been doing this run for the last 17 years, and yes, the ramen really is that good.

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Thank You Tokyo!

Saturday was the Stinger‘s wedding run and party.

We’ve been doing these parades for years for various biker friends and friends-of-friends, and it never gets old. Throw the happy couple in the back of a convertible, surround it with Harleys, ride around Tokyo waving at everyone like you’re celebrities, and people everywhere stop to stare, wave, take pictures, applaud, and shout congratulations to the happy couple.

It really feels like the whole city is celebrating the couple’s happiness, and after a parade I always find that the smile muscles in my face are sore from overuse.
In a country where noisy bosozoku bring down the image of bikers, it’s great to have events like these parades and our Merry Run to show people the positive side of biker culture.
Our parades have gotten such favorable reactions that some biker friends of mine who run a small event management company have started offering the service for a small fee.

More pictures can be seen at the Gaijin Bikers main site.


Update: a clip from the DVD of the parade can now be seen at Google Video.