Is this the Gaijin Biker you’re looking for?

A lot of the traffic to this site comes from google or yahoo searches for “Gaijin Biker”, and I can’t help but think that most of those people are looking for the other Gaijin Biker, who posts at Riding Sun. Even if that’s not who you were looking for, I recommend checking out his blog, although I rarely agree with his politics.

Even if you were looking for me, you probably want The Stinger & Big Ben’s Gaijin Bikers in Japan which my partner and I have been running since 1999. It has lots of pictures and information about touring and biker life in Japan. We started it as a bilingual site but the newer stuff is all in Japanese, and we have a pretty cool community of Japanese bikers posting on our BBS.


Update: fixed Riding Sun link to new domain.

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