Since most of my readers are coming here from Riding Sun,
and I’m listed as one of the “Kamen Riders” on his sidebar, I thought I should mention a weird Japanese biker friend of mine who travels under the name of “Riderman”.

This guy travels around in a homemade, and extremely detailed, Kamen Rider outfit, and greets passing bikers not just with the traditional wave or peace sign, but by standing up on his bike and doing the henshin pose that Kamen rider uses when he shape-shifts.

This is a picture from many years ago when we met up with him at Lake Akan in Hokkaido.

One thought on “Riderman!”

  1. That is funny, dorky, and cool all at the same time.

    I once passed a guy on 246 who was on a motorcycle with very detailed, customized plastic cowlings and body panels that essentially made the whole bike look like Ultraman in mid-flight. 

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