something fishy in Yamagata

I rode up to the Vibes Meeting Harley rally in Yamagata this weekend, and some friends from Toyama brought me 鱒寿司(masu-zushi), a famous ekiben (train station bento). After getting drunk I went to thank them for the food and made an embarrassing careless mistake which also turned out to be a double pun. Instead of masu-zushi I said masu-zake, which is something else entirely. 鱒(masu – trout)寿司(zushi – sushi) is just as one would expect, trout on rice, whereas 升(masu – wooden cup)酒(zake -sake) is rice liquor served in a square wooden cup.
I think my beer-addled brain went looking for a compound word starting in masu and grabbed the first thing it found. Then it failed to get an error message before output because sake can also mean 鮭(salmon) which is a pretty similar fish with a pretty similar taste.