Washington State, USA June 29-July 6, 2001

This is the saga of six braves of SPLENDOR (Marcy, Gomu, Nobu, Woochee, Yuri, and Big Ben) who crossed the big water in search of adventure in the wilds of the Great Northwest...

June 29

After arriving at Sea-Tac, we went straight to the world's biggest outdoor supplier, REI,
(Hey, it's Seattle) to stock up on tents, sleeping bags, and other supplies for the trip.

We then relaxed, gazing at Lake Washington from my parents' backyard.

With the waterfall and hot tub, I found it difficult to convince everyone my family isn't rich.
None of this was here when I lived in this house!

After building up our strength with a dinner of my mom's world famous Chinese food,
we visited the Space Needle and then went to bed.

June 30

The bikes for this trip were all provided by War Pony Restorations,
in other words, Kaze
Leader and founding member of SPLENDOR's USA chapter
(In fact the only member until this trip). Thanks Bro'.

As a final check for the bikes and practice for the riders,
we went out to coffee on the Ave
and then shopping and sightseeing downtown.

Of course, we had to take some pictures at Safeco Field,
where Ichiro and Kazu show the Americans how it's done.

We then returned to Kaze's place, where we had BBQ
and got to know the Americans who were joining us on the trip.
Great first impression there, Woochee!

And the real fun is yet to come!

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