July 3

Morning at Mineral Springs Campground.

Marcy woke up early and had three beers before breakfast,
and no, that's not normal in Japan either.

But breakfast was delicious!

How much should I charge John to keep this picture hidden?

50 bucks for a huge private campground with our own water and outhouses.
Not bad considering the size of our group and the number of vehicles.

We broke camp and rode over the pass to Snoqualamie Falls.

(Yep, Twin Peaks was popular in Japan, too.)

After returning safely(?) to Kaze's place, we celebrated with pizza,
and then fell asleep with our luggage strewn all over his front lawn,
making it look like some kind of granola biker crack house.

Hungry, tired, drunk people.

Our faithful(?) steeds.

July 4th

The Japanese folk decided to experience Seattle's public transportation,
and bussed home from the mall.

We then went to see the Lake Union Independence Day fireworks from China Harbor.
Thanks to Matt for choosing the prime location and getting reservations.

July 5th

First, we sampled Seattle area bike shops.
Cycle Barn, where Sean works, (clean and professionally run)

and then Bent Bike (which perfectly fits the image of the dirty American biker shop)
The contrast was just the combination everyone wanted to see.

Kaze's got his eye on this CB750 chopper at Bent Bike.

For lunch, we had gigantic burritos.

In Japan, a meal this size would be a "eat the whole thing, eat free" challenge.
After getting used to Japanese serving sizes, I'm surprised I got it all down,
but damn, it was good!

We then headed over to Golden Gardens for frisbee and fun on the beach.

When the frisbee went into the Sound,
Kaze and Woochee ran into the freezing water in their jeans to get it.

Strike a pose.

In the evening, it was Taco Thursdays at the Alki Tavern,
giving our group the opportunity to enhance international relations
with the Seattle biker community.

Our three female ambassadors were quite popular.

Carl and Sean bought Harley-style T-shirts from the bar for the Splendor folk.

We then went to the International District for karaoke, which was a mistake.
No drinks, and a Korean-made machine that refused to accept our musical tastes,
and insisted on playing songs other than what we requested.
The obscure Japanese enka "Woman of the Fire Country" came up six times!
(none of us had ever heard of the song.)
We probably sang for less than half the time we were there.

Deciding that karaoke is best done in Japan,
we set out to find something America does best.
And find it we did!

(note that the SPLENDOR patch is proudly displayed on Sean's jacket.)

Downtown from Alki

July 6

Woochee and Nobu set off back across the ocean,
and Marcy and Gomu flew south to the Magic Kingdom in the land of Smog
before starting homeward.

Thanks for the great memories, everybody.

Let's ride the wind  together again someday.
America Banzai!
SPLENDOR Banzai!!!

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