July 2

Horsethief Lake Campground

This is not scenery you can find in Japan.

After a leisurely morning meal, we headed out.

The campground from afar.

Today we ride!

We headed out along the Columbia.

And made what was supposed to be a brief stop at Stonehenge in Maryhill...
But my bike was leaking oil so badly that I had
a well-lubed rear tire that slid through curves.
This requires immediate attention.

While propping up the bike to keep the oil from running out, we fashioned a gasket out of a Bisquick box.

We lost a good bit of time here, too, but hell, we're having fun, right?

Stonehenge (or a reasonable facsimile) with Mt. Hood in the background.

Beautiful mountain & beautiful women

We left the mountain and the river behind and headed North toward Yakima.

That's me on the left, with the car innertube, the Bisquick box,
and highway pegs made by shoving a tree branch through the front of the frame.
Born to be wild, baby.

We couldn't really trust the tire like this, so we looked for a bike shop in Yakima that's open on Mondays. And what we found was . . . OWENS HARLEY!
(For those new to the site, "Owen" is the other half of Gaijin Bikers, a.k.a. "the Stinger")

This necessitated the purchase of a T-shirt for my Bro.

We then headed up to Blewett Pass and made camp.