July 1

Jason, Randy, Support Driver Aaron, Woochee, Me(Big Ben), Kaze(Carl), John,
Sean, Yuri, Gomu, Nobu, and Marcy.
9 bikes, a truck, and 12 righteous souls.

OK, Let's go! . . . except the 400 wont start.

A quick change of plugs.

And they're off!

On the way to the freeway Sean on his ZRX
Randy on his CB900 Marcy on one of the CB750s

Houston, we have a problem.

The back tire on my 750 blew out on the freeway.
The innertube has a hole in it bigger than my . . . well, it's a big hole.
We're in the middle of nowhere, and it's Sunday.
The closest bike shop is 100 miles away and they're closed!

"Now that's a hole!"

Sean's got the fastest bike, so we sent him off in search of an innertube.
We waited by the modern art that was once my bike, and waited . . . and waited.
(Nobu fell asleep at the side of the road and got a nasty sunburn on her belly.)

Finally Sean, our savior, came back . . . with a 15 inch car tube.
I still have no idea how we got it into an 18 inch bike tire,
but once it was in the tire was so filled with rubber it hardly needed air.

It actually rode pretty smoothly.

We had lost quite a bit of time, but we finally hit the Columbia River and headed East.

We stopped to enjoy the view of the river.

And then again at Beacon Rock.

Madwoman Nobu really enjoyed route 14.

We finally hit the campground around nine (the plan was to get there mid-afternoon)
and immediately began preparing dinner.

The Japanese members made curry for the new members of rokdmcnq USA.
(Who'd have thought you could find Japanese curry mix in a podunk supermarket?j