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Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun

Yuri Moore

Yuri and her Kawasaki Vulcan 400A

[Update: This was written in 1999 and is terribly out of date.] As a biker, I'm an absolute beginner. I just got my license this August. For the four years I've been going out with Big Ben I had little interest in bikes except for the back seat, but the moment we got married, either I figured money wasn't a problem anymore or I just lost my mind, I suddenly wanted to ride. The next day, I found myself at the gate to the motorcycle school. After countless scrapes and bruises, I somehow made it through to graduation. I've managed to fall over several times since getting my license as well, and my poor Vulcan is covered with dents. At first, I thought there was no way I could ever handle a bike this size, but after a few runs with Big Ben and the Stinger, I find myself wanting one of the big machines.

I spent years on the back of Ben's bike, but now that I've got a license, that doesn't seem fun anymore. Now it's his turn to ride on the back! ;-)