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Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun


The Tohoku region in Northen Honshu (Japan's main island) was the destination of Big Ben and the Stinger's first long touring trip. At the time the Stinger was still riding his Honda CBR and Big Ben was still on his Honda Transalp . Funny how tastes change, isn't it? Being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the Tohoku region enjoys a large amount of scenic beauty still in its natural state.

Here's the Stinger at the picturesque Matsushima, an area on the coast on the Pacific Ocean peppered with tiny islands full of pine trees.

There are plenty of winding roads like this one to be found in the mountain range that lies on the border of Iwate and Akita Prefectures.

One of the numerous Bodhisatvas to be found in Aizu-Wakamatsu in Fukushima Prefecture.

Aomori Prefecture, the northern most Prefecture of Honshu lying just across the sea from Hokkaido, boasts Japan's finest replica of the Statue of Liberty (don't ask us why), located in the same position lattitudinally as its counterpart in New York. We were riding down the road in the middle of nowhere and saw a sign that said "Japan's Biggest Statue of Liberty next right." We had to check it out.

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