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Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun

An Interview with Marcy, leader of the motorcycle club Splendor.

The Stinger got a chance to catch up with (no pun intended) Marcy, founder and leader of Splendor, the motorcycyle club of which both The Stinger and Big Ben are members. Seeing as how he's usally busy riding, partying, and generally raising hell, The Stinger took this opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with the speed demon:

The Stinger: SPLENDOR has been around for nearly 13 years now. Can you briefly explain its origins?

Marcy: It all started with the idea of forming an outlaw biker gang for old motorcycles! (laughter). What actually emerged was a "good" biker gang, although we still have kamikaze commanders like Nojikun among our ranks (chuckle). The "Neo Classic" part refers to how we enhance the performance of our vintage bikes with modern components, and then we ride like hell!

The name "Splendor" was chosen to imply the deep luminescence of the soul, as opposed to a merely superficial gloss. I thought notions of "grandeur" or "splendor" were perfectly suited to classic motorcycles. But the voyage of Splendor was not made by myself alone. It was definitely a group effort of all members. I just manned the helm.

The Stinger: What kind of year do you think 2000 will be for SPLENDOR, and motorcyclists in general?

Marcy: As long as no one crashes, and everyone shows up for the year end party, I'll be satisfied.

The Stinger: Do you have any plans to buy any more motorcycles for yourself?

Marcy: Eventually I'm thinking about getting a Harley. But right now I'm busy aspiring to be a reckless Z2 gaffer, often spotted around the Okutama region!

The Stinger: Do you have anything to say to all those loyal followers out there?

Marcy: Start getting in shape for next year's Noto Peninsula 1000 mile run! And "Viva Splendor!"

And there you have it, an exclusive interview with the man who has devoted his life to the fine art of having a good time. Ride on!

- The Stinger