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Gaijin Bikers in Japan
The continuing adventures of a couple of American bikers
in the Land of the Rising Sun


What's a Biker

The word "biker" means different things to different people. Some people are fixated on the movie stereotype with the bad personal hygiene, low IQ, and penchant for hitting people on the head with beer bottles. Others in the motorcyle community have their own rigid definitions and spend a lot of time on  "I'm a real biker and you're not" diatribes. Stinger once asked a biker BBS for definitions and got a different answer from every biker there.

Since we're using the B-word in the title of our site, we figured we should take a crack at defining what it means to us.

Stinger's version:

The short answer to the question "what's a biker?"

A biker is not just one who owns a motorcycle. There are numerous people who own multiple bikes, but never ride them. A biker is someone who owns and rides a motorcycle, and not merely as a means of transportation. Being a biker means taking a motorcycle on long journeys, day and night, rain or shine. And a biker shares a certain rapport with his/her motorcycle. A biker loves being on the road and the heightened sense of their surroundings. A biker respects nature, being so close to it so often. A true biker cares less what you ride and more that you ride. A biker is an adventurer, one who transcends normal life, welcomes the freedom of open motion, and the ecstasy and peace of mind gleaned from it. A biker is a generous and respectful person, who helps those in need and believes in "live and let live". And a biker is driven by spiritual, rather than material needs.

Want the long answer?

Big Ben's version:

The best definition I ever heard was this: You know a biker by the look in the eyes as you pass each other and wave, a look that says "You ride too, and you know what I'm smiling about."
As far as I'm concerned, if you understand what I'm talking about, you're a biker, end of story.

And for you posers out there too blinded by brand loyalties to see that it's all about
FREEDOM, baby, remember what my brother Carl Whitecrow said when some loser told him his CB 750 was Jap Crap:

"It sure as hell beats walking, don't it?"